Terms of Use


The protection of personal data and the adherence to Greek and International legislation is of a great importance to Iera Club 


The use of www.ieraclub.gr underlies the Greek and international legislation. The data (texts and pictures) found on the website www.ieraclub.gr is available to inform and may be changed or removed without warning. Its use, its partial or total reproduction or republication, by any other means, electronic or typed, without the owner’s written acquiescence is strictly forbidden.

Personal Data

The booking application form requires users to give us information about how to contact them (like their name, address, phone number as well as their e-mail address). The client’s personal information is used in order to get in touch with him, as well as to inform him per e-mail about the future offers (these e-mails cannot be considered as Spam, as they contain all necessary information to get in touch with the sender and you can communicate with him at any time). This data is confidential and according to the law, can be given to the one in charge or to authorities, in case that the use of www.ieraclub.gr contravenes the established rules and the legislation in force. Furthermore, in case that the visitor’s use o www.ieraclub.gr breaks the established rules and the legislation in force, his personal data, as well as his IP address will be available for any legal research. Moreover, you have the right to have access to your personal data and to lodge objections, to correct or to remove inaccuracies, as well as to expostulate the processing of your personal data. The Iera Club respects your privacy. The Iera Club does not sell, rent or lend any personal information to any independent third person.

Links to other websites

The website www.Iera Club .com contains links to other websites, which are not controlled by www.ieraclub.gr. Iera Club does not share your personal data with these websites. Although Iera Club tries to provide links only to websites that conform to the high norms of www.Iera Club .com and to its respect of the personal confidential information, it is not responsible for the other websites’ content, security, or practice of private confidentiality and declines any responsibility related to your use of these other websites and their content.


The cookies are small text files that are used by websites to recognize previous visitors, facilitating them to get access to them and to use them. Cookies are not programs, which can enter your computer and destroy files. If you do not wish to receive cookies, you can deactivate them by changing the settings of your Internet browser. For instance, if you use the Internet Explorer, you can go to Tools/Internet/options/Security and Privacy and adjust the browser to your expectations.


If any visitor or client believes at any time that the www.ieraclub.gr does not keep to the previous stated information, please contact us through e-mail at the address Iera Club@gmail.com and we will do anything possible to ascertain and solve/correct the problem.